Final Project Site Massing & Layout

Final Project Site and Surroundings Stylised Massing

Made this for part of my final year university project. I tried to create a more stylised image than usual that would still carry across as much information.

The original model was made using ArchiCAD which I then cleaned up, textured and rendered using 3DS Max and VRay, overall I am pretty pleased with the final result.

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Technology Centre

I have been sorting a few pieces of work out for my final year portfolio and decided that it would be worth taking another look at the exterior image I already have for the Technology Centre project, Ā nothing major as time is pretty tight now. Ā The main changes were; the camera position, the HDRi and work done in Photoshop.

Technology Centre Exterior Visualisation

Technology Centre Exterior Visualisation – (click for larger image)

There are quite a few things that need completely redoing in this scene, the grass and vegetation and the stone wall surrounding the plinth have been bugging me quite a bit. But it’s interesting to see how much better you can make an image with a couple of minor changes.

House in Goido Work Space

I’ve needed to make an interior image for a while now and after searching through ArchDaily for some inspiration I came across House in Goido by Fujiwarramuro Architects.

There were a few really nice interior images but in the end I decided to try and recreate the office/work space with a few tweaks. Ā One of which gave me the chance to have a more productive play with Mudbox, which I used for sculpting and texturing the beams. Ā Original photograph byĀ Toshiyuki Yano.

House-in-Goido interior render

House-in-Goido interior render

High-resolution image

Thanks to VizPeople for the use of their free modelsĀ (chair, tree & rock ornament).

Ericssonā€™s Ericofon re-rendered

I’ve been getting a few images together for my portfolio recently and ended up re-rendering the Ericssonā€™s Ericofon that I made nearly a year ago for one of 3dTotal’s speed modelling challenges. The original render was done when I had just switched over to using Vray and there were a few things that didn’t look right.

Here’s the updated render.

Technology Centre – One down, two more to go.

So, I’ve finished the first of the three renders I’ve got planned for this project and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. Ā I may still make a few minor alterations if I get chance, but for now it’s finished :).

Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments.

Centre for Precision Technology Final

    More information about the full project

Technology Centre w.i.p Update

I managed to find some time to work on these visualisations this week, I thought I had pretty much finished modelling and texturing everything for this image but I’ve just realised that I still need to make the sun shades for the ground floor windows šŸ˜ after that its just a matter of rendering and some playing around in Photoshop.

This is how its looking at the minute.

Centre for Precision Technology

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