Technology Centre Visualisations w.i.p

It seems like ages since I have properly updated my blog. I’ve been pretty busy with uni work for the past couple of months and have finally finished my first (of two) final year projects, which means I can spend my free time working on the visualisations.

The project brief was to design a building to house the commercial research branch of the Huddersfield University Engineering School. The building will be mixed use and contain offices, research laboratories and specialist workshop spaces, fast and efficient construction methods are also major requirements.

My final design is a glulam portal frame with Modcell straw bale prefabricated external walls for their extremely good insulation and structural properties. Other technologies that at present in the final design are;

  • A  natural/solar ventilation ‘chimney’ working with an automatic window system to assist with natural ventilation.
  • The design maximises solar gains for both light and heat throughout the year.
  • Rain & grey water collection and treating system with large underground storage to help with surface water.
  • Bio-fuel boiler with multi-zone underfloor heating system controlled by an intelligent building services monitoring system so  all user needs are met.
  • 2 PV covered car porches (total 240m²) will supply building with some electrical power and provide free security lighting for the surrounding car park.
  • Car porches provide facilities for charging electrical vehicles.
  • Ground floor finish made from crushed recycled materials mixed with resin.
  • Large draught lobby to minimse heat loss when entering and exiting the building.
  • Concrete used to a minimum throughout the project, but when required eco-concrete is used.

I’ll cover the technology more thoroughly when the visualisations are done, but for now here are a couple of progress renders from the weekend.  The building was created using ArchiCAD 16 and then 3ds max & Vray were used for the renders.

Technology Building wip

Technology Building wip 2


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